Experience a fisherman’s workday

Join me, a local fisherman for his workday on the fjord. You get the possibility to participate in my work, see how I use different fishing machinery onboard and lift pots (a trap which fish swim inside).


  • Boat trip
  • Captain & guide
  • Safety equipment, thermal suit
  • Coffee/tea/snacks

Duration: max 5 hours, this depends on what we are fishing for and where on the fjord we have to go

Price: 1500, – NOK per hour for the whole boat

Season: February – October

Starting time: After agreement with the fisher depending on destination

Participants: 1-4 persons

The trip starts from Manndalen, it is possible with pickups from Lyngseidet and Olderdalen (Additional cost from Olderdalen 390, – NOK. From Lyngseidet: 750, – NOK.)

General facilities: food/refreshments